About Us

Benmo Ltd was established in 1999 to provide travel and related services for visitors to China from all over the world, as well as a destination management company for visitors from China. (we have a separate web-site for our Chinese clients which is being re-constructed)

At this point, China had been open to commercial tourism for some 20 years and the tourism infrastructure had gone through a major transformation. A further 10 years later, China is ready to host the Olympic Games and the stunning opening ceremony – the brainchild of Zhang Yimou – will be talked about for years.

We are a niche company advising travellers and constructing programmes in China which do not necessarily fit in with the offering of large tour operators.  We work with members of the public as well as members of the travel industry. Our client base is international.

All our programmes are tailored to meet our customer’s specific requirements in a professional, friendly and knowledgeable way.

We have worked for many years with the largest ground handling agent in China and also have the ability to make arrangements with other organisations in China when required.

We can make arrangements for you at short notice.